Shortly after the birth of her first born daughter, Nyssa realized a need for self-expression within her new role as a mother.  An art major, she turned to designs inspired by her own daughter. Barnacle Baby was the first: drawn and printed with a baby on one hip!

Nyssa struggled with an emergency C-section, and difficulties breastfeeding during the first few months of motherhood. It was at that time that she saw a need for nurturing the role of mothers—especially during their early baby days. Nyssa began by reaching out to mothers through Instagram with personal stories.  Her passion to bring sensitivity and beauty to motherhood has spawned the She Is Motherhood collection. This new collection focuses on the diversity of mothers—encouraging the idea that every mother will love differently and to the best of her abilities.

A family company—where the design process, screen-printing, packaging and mailing is all done in the same place—Deck & Oar is comprised of Nyssa, her husband John and their two daughters.

You can follow along with Nyssa’s Instagram here: @nyssaisabel