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Shortly after the birth of her first daughter, Nyssa realized a need for self-expression within her new role as a mother.  As a fine art major, she began to see her new state in life filter into her work. As the art began to evolve, her passion for community, motherhood, and style was solidified.

Nyssa struggled with an traumatic birth and difficulties breastfeeding during the first few months of motherhood. It was at that time she saw a need for nurturing the role of mothers. Nyssa began by reaching out to mothers through Instagram with personal stories. This has continued on in the new #dearmothermovement series where mothers from all walks of life spark a conversation about moments relevant to them. The conversations aim to encourage the idea that every mother will love differently and to the best of her abilities. 

A mother to mother company, Deck & Oar aims to employ mothers when it can. When the brand demanded more time than Nyssa wanted away from her family, she opened the doors to other mothers. Carefully curated items have joined the product line through this shift. Nyssa still screenprints each apparel item by hand, and every product that leaves the shelf is packaged with her touch. 

Nyssa lives with her husband and their two girls in Pacific Grove, California. Together, they find inspiration on the ocean coast, and band together to create an environment that fosters growth. 

You can follow along with Nyssa’s Instagram here: @nyssaisabel